Construction Management

At BTH, we pride ourselves on being able to guide our Clients through the Construction Management process of their project, educating them along the way.  We allow our Clients to be as involved in the process as they desire. 

Colerain Central

Construction Managment of an 18 unit low income residential building with case management onsite for Excel.  Full renovation of 100 year old existing building.  

North Bend Renovation

Construction Management of a 4 low income residental unit building that had been destroyed by fire.   Guided the Client through the process of working with the insurance company to renovate and bring the building up to code.  

Shadybrook Renovation

A new development that includes 4 buildings with a total of 8 low income residential units in Cincinnati, OH.  Currently guiding the Owner through a zoning variance to renovate and add an additional bedroom to each unit.